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HTHGS: Different sized breasts (written by Kelly Connell MS.Ed.)

Ask Kelly ,
I have noticed since about the age of 16 that my breasts have developed to be different sizes.  I am now 20 and I still haven't "evened out".  Besides my breasts, my nipples are also very different in size.  I know that it is common to have lop sided breasts, and I have learned that this is a trait that runs in my family, my mother as well as my grandmother have had the same problem, but they developed fully by the time they were my age, and with them it was never to the severity that my shape is.  I have about a 2 cup size difference, one is a B the other is a D.  I have tried to add padding when wearing a bra, and I do appear to be even when I wear normal clothing.  I do swim laps and participate in sports and wear tight clothing, but if I don't wear a bra, I don't look that appealing.  I was going to wait until the age of 25 to consider an augmentation.  Is there an age where I will even out?  Will motherhood be the time when I even out? Should I consider a breast augmentation if I plan on breasts feeding if I have children in the future.  I know this isn't the normal type of question you get asked, but I am curious.  Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Cassandra

I don't know that I have an absolute answer for you, but I do have a few suggestions. First, you did not say if you have seen a doctor.  The first thing I would recommend is that you see a breast specialist.  Your primary doctor should be able to give you a referral, or check out the web site of your local hospital.  Be sure to tell the doctor that this has been something that has occurred in other women in your family.

As far as I know, breast augmentation does not interfere with the ability to breast feed or lactate (produce milk).  When a breast is enlarged, they usually put the implant along the chest wall. behind the mammary glands and milk ducts.  When a breast is reduced, they remove excess tissue and fat and leave the mammary glands and ducts in tact.  It is only when the entire breast is removed, that the ability to breast feed is no longer a possibility (and this is only if BOTH breast are removed) 

You may still even out on your own like your Mom and Grandmother, but I would suggest seeing a doctor to rule out any hormonal abnormalities or other problems. The important thing, is not to define yourself by the shape or size of your breasts.  While they can probably be corrected by surgery, remember, they are only a small part of your body and what makes you the person you are is what is in your brain, not your boobs! Good luck, Kelly



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