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Sex Games This section is sex games. Knowledge about sexual positions are assumed to be something that you already know. This section focuses on developing your mind!

  1. Standard Sex Games
  2. Erotic Sex Game for the 'boring' partner
  3.  Erotic Sex Game for the 'bored' partner
  4.  Erotic Sex game for the REALLY bored couple
  5. Erotic Sex Games for passive-aggressive couples - and for those who like angry sex
  6. Sex game for the Mr. Nice Guy
  7. Are you ready for a different style of games? If so, keep reading . . . 
         a) Table Talk Game
         b) Sentence completion game
  8. Blindfolds
  9. Home Made Sex Toys (written by Alex Robboy, LCSW, CAS)

Standard sex games

  • Doctor & Patient
  • Imagine yourself as the patient needing a GYN check-up
  • Meeting your lover at a bar for the first time (acting it out at a real bar)
  • What would you do to pick up your lover at a bar? How would the two of you flirt with each other?
  • Master & Slave
  • The slave has to follow all of the masters directions
  • Being on a ship, trying to avoid the sharks that might attack it
  • The two of you must work together to avoid all the fish that might eat the two of you

Erotic Sex Game for the 'boring' partner

There are two types of people the 'bored' and the 'boring'. This tip is for the 'bored' person. In fact, the person who is 'bored' should implement this game without the knowledge of the boring partner.

How the game works. Before the bored partner gets home, the 'boring' partner, will have turned off the fuse box, (i.e. no hope for electricity), lit some incense and candles and dressed in a sexy outfit. A sexy outfit may mean wearing a butlers outfit, or some see-through lingerie. Then the boring partner should situate herself/himself in the middle of the living room / bedroom surrounded by large plush pillows. When the boring partner comes home, she/he will immediately try to turn on the lights. Of course, this will be unsuccessful. Then they will start to wander towards the dim lights and find you sprawled out half-naked on the pillows. The easy partner will immediately drop their pants and be ready to go. Others may require more work. In fact, initially, she/he may disclose to you that she/he has a lot of work to do, is simply not in the mood or even tell you that you look stupid.

Regardless of what happens, you, the bored partner must maintain your cool seductive appearance. By this I mean that you should tell your partner that you may be acting silly, but you are here to please their every whim (imagine yourself playing a star role in a harem and you must win your partner over). You may then want to offer her/him a foot massage, or a glass of wine, or some grapes, which you could hand-feed. Lastly, for the really difficult partner you may want to brush-up on your knowledge about their favorite activity, which may entail the latest sports game, the stock market, or politics and romance her/him into your arms. Your mission is to seduce your partner by any tactic possible.

Erotic Sex Game for the 'bored' partner

For the 'bored' partner . . . ask your partner to let you plan an evening of entertainment. Arrive home from work early that day (before your partner gets home) and prepare a sexual meal. This may consist of linguine with clams, grapes, wine and cheese… (it all depends on your food tastes… and don't forget, if you can't cook, you can always order food and have it delivered). When your partner gets home, you will answer the door in a butler or maid’s outfit. The maid should be wearing just an apron, and the butler should be wearing just a tie. The only lights in the house should be some dimly lit candles. The table should be set with the fancy tablecloth, fine china and a bottle of champagne. You may want to have some snacks prepared in case your partner is hungry when she/he gets home. Upon your partner's arrival, invite her/him to take a bath. After undressing your partner, you should help her/him into the bath tub, where you will proceed to wash her/him. Not only should you wash their hair, which entails a scalp massage, but pay special attention to the genital area. After your partner is relaxed from the wash, serve your partner dinner. During dinner, pay special attention to whatever your partner wants to talk about. Let yourself be inquisitive to learn more about whatever your partner has to say. What is the meaning behind her/his words? After dinner, lead her/him to the bedroom and begin giving a head-to-toe massage. Let your hands wander.

Erotic Sex game for the REALLY bored couple

This sex game is designed for the REALLY bored couple. This game requires both partners to take an active role in sex. Set design: Two chairs facing each other. Props/people: Two fully clothed bored individuals.

The game:

Part one: The two people should begin sitting across from each other and fully clothed. Either person can begin by talking about how bored they are by having sex with each other. After she/he has completed her/his line, she/he will be required to take off an article of clothes. Eventually, both people will be stark naked.

Part two: Slowly begin foreplay. After each touch, the giver must say "how boring" and then their first reaction. In response, the receiver must say, "I am bored" and then add their first reaction. This may sound like, "I am bored, but hey that feels good, please keep touching me" or it may sound like "I am bored, but I like the way your nipples feel on my lips". You could also add some variations be saying "who cares" or "this is silly."

This game at first may make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, the first time I ever played it, I felt stupid, but sure enough, with time this game became fun. It removed the tension. Usually the first several times this game is played, there is no sex at the end, just lots of touching. That is fine. What is important to be learning is how to communicate with your partner, and how to laugh, smile and play with each other. Sex is about connection, and connections can happen on many different levels. They are all-important and contribute to having good sex.

Erotic Sex Games for passive-aggressive couples - and for those who like angry sex

Seduction is the name of the game. Passive partner plays the role of the master and the aggressive partner plays the role of the maid. The maid should be dressed in a skimpy black outfit, with a white apron. She should not be wearing any underwear. Whereas the master can wear whatever she wants. When the master arrives home after a long day of work or shopping, the maid will be busily cleaning the house. When the master arrives home and sits down in front of the TV, she may want to go to her, remove her shoes and replace them with some slippers. If the master so desires, the maid may want to give a foot massage. Then continue cleaning the areas near by. Each time she goes to lean down, she will wiggle her butt and show her ass - remember she is not wearing any underwear. The master may ask her what she is doing, to which she should reply 'oh nothing'. The master may angrily say that she looks silly and is being ridiculous, to which the maid must hang onto her hurt pride and respond by saying I like it this way and continue to wiggle her butt.

By the third or fourth day, the master will start to become aroused. At this point, the maid must encourage aggressive sex. She may want to say to him 'do it to me' or 'take me' or 'harder'. Make it rougher. I like it when you talk dirty. As the master is increasingly aroused, she will start to be more responsive. By letting the negative energy out through sex it will 1) release the negative pent-up emotions 2) enable both partners to actually directly feel what has been transpiring between the two of them. Through sex/sexuality the passive partner will begin to get in touch with her/his anger and the bigger issue will begin to get resolved. Not to mention, this can lean to some fun and different kind of sex than the two of you had previously experienced.

Sex game for the Mr. Nice Guy

This game is specifically written for the nice guy syndrome. He is your best friend, but not a great lover. Mr. Nice guy is viewed as asexual and passive by the other. To change the image of Mr. Nice Guy, put on a bandit's outfit and approach your partner while she is quietly sitting in the living room reading, or watching TV. As you approach, point a plastic gun towards your partner and announce that you are the captor and that she is your prisoner of war. At this point, she may laugh (or show scorn) and ask what you are doing. To this, you must respond that you are a bandit and that you are here to steal a kiss from her. With that, she may tell you to that she does not want to be disturbed. She is reading a book/watching TV. Again, tell her that you are a bandit and that your job is to steal things. Share with her that it is OK for her not to want to lose her kisses. That is why you are a bandit, you take things without permission. Go steal a kiss from her. Then with that, (if you can) pick her up in your arms and carry her off to your secret den. This secret den, may either be your bedroom with some new satin sheets, or a fort that you made in your study. If she seems truly angry, you may not want to grab her, and let her know that it is OK to be angry, sometimes victims do not like to be stolen. If this is the case, quickly steal a small kiss and let her know that you will be back sooner than she will ever guess to collect your 'goods'. Do not feel discouraged. Sometimes people either really are not in the mood to play, and other times she may just be in shock and it will take a while for her to get comfortable with your new role. In a few days, try again. If you have been successful in 'stealing' her to your fort, begin to make love to her in a new way. Be more aggressive than usual. You are the bandit. It is your job to take what you like. I recommend taking her pleasure… as in if you know she likes oral stimulation then take her vagina and eat your dinner;) It is critical, that while you are taking things like kisses and such that please you, that you do not fall into the trap of only satisfying yourself. This is a game that is designed for you to become more aggressive with a partner, but the partner does still exist. As a variation, you could have in your fort, a small treasure chest. Inside this treasure chest is a black negligee that you will produce and demand that she wear. You have stolen her some fine clothes to wear in your presence. In addition, there is a bottle of champagne and two wine glasses.

From your past experiences, you have found that it is hard work to 'steal' things and that sometimes even you need something to drink.

Are you ready for a different style of games? If so, keep reading . . . 

Have you ever wondered how to be a better lover? One simple way is to
   get to know you and your partner's likes and dislikes better. When
   each of you know what the other person likes, it is much easier to
   please her / him. The games listed below are geared to help you and
   your lover identify and share what each of your likes and dislikes
   are. There are no right wrong answers, only personal differences. The
   only ground rule is that even if you disagree with someone else
   perspective you need to respect that this is their reality, and thus
   to them they are speaking their truth. Your mission is not to change
   them, but rather to better understand what makes them believe what
   they believe.

   Table Talk Game:

   Requirements: 4 people or more
   hour or more
   index cards
   4 pens

   Give each person six index card. Then ask everyone to write down on
   an index card a sexual role that they play. One sex role per index

   For example:
   Primary Partner
   Male chauvinist

   Then go around the table and read your cards to each other. After
   learning what everyone wrote down, get ready for the TRADE. The rules
   of the TRADE are as follows: Trade away the roles that you value
   least. Trade for the roles that you value most. You must trade away
   at least two of your roles.

   Discussion questions:
   1) Why did you trade away the roles that you did?
   2) Did you obtain the roles that you wanted?
   3) Why did you want the roles that you did?
   4) In real life, what sexual roles would you like to assume? What
   behaviors are associated with this sexual role that you would like?
   5) Is this game harder / easier to play around friends, family or
   lovers & why?

   Sentence completion game:
   This activity can be done with a friend or with a lover (note: some
   of the questions may need to be changed, depending on the
   relationship that you have to this person, and their gender.) The
   goal is to test how well you know your partner / friend. Take a few
   minutes and answer each question first for yourself, and then if you
   were the other person. Then go over the answers with each other. For
   each question that you accurately answered for the other person, give
   yourself a point. The person with the most points wins! Though I
   should mention, either way you win. First, you get to know the other
   person better. Second, if the other person knows you better than you
   know them, then you win because someone really knows you sexually!

   Sex makes me think of . . . .
   My favorite sexual activity is . . . .
   The one thing that makes me feel really sexy is . . . .
   Even when I am not in the mood for sex, if my partner does . . . . I
   always find myself getting turned on.
   My least favorite sexual activity is . . .
   I am least comfortable with . . . .
   After having an orgasm I want to . . . . .
   My partners best sexual quality is . . . .
   I feel guilty when . . . .
   I feel happy when . . . .
   I've used sex to . . . .
   Pregnancy can . . . .
   I'm jealous when . . . .
   Sexual responsibility is . . .
   When I was younger, sexuality was . . . .
   Sexual desire . . . .
   Opposite sex . . . .
   Same sex . . . .
   Anal sex . . . .
   Oral sex . . . .
   French kissing . . .
   Nipple stimulation . . .
   Group sex . . .
   Talking during sex . . . .
   Talking makes me feel . . . .
   Sex makes me feel . . .
   When I initiate . . . . .
   When I am turned down for sex I feel . . . .
   When I am not in the mood for sex, and my partner asks me . . . .
   Orgasm makes me feel . . . .
   My partner's orgasm makes me feel . . . .
   Orgasm is . . . . .

Tips written by Alex Robboy, LSW



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The Founder: "Alex" Caroline Robboy, LCSW, QSW, CAS

Ms. Robboy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Growth Inc and How To Have Good Sex Inc.  Alex practices marriage and family therapy and sex therapy, and also conducts periodic seminars about human sexuality throughout the northeastern United States.

Ms. Robboy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Masters degree in Social Work, a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality Education and a Post-Masters Certificate in Marriage Counseling & Sex Therapy. Through the American Board of Sexology, she is a board certified sexologist and through the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists a certified sex therapist.  Additionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker and a member of the American Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.


  Our Philosophy sex is like dancing, it changes every time. It depends on culture, atmosphere and mood. Sometimes it is done alone, with a partner or in a group. It can be fast and hard or slow and soft. Sex is a combination of non-verbal negotiation and verbal cues: a scream, a twitch of the toes, or a flush of the face. There is no one 'right' way to move, only what feels good to all those involved. 
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